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The New Killers

This is a great article from our friends at Forbes called Pharma Be Aware:  The Next Killers.  The next killers are diseases that, in the opinion of the author, are not getting enough attention on the world stage.  For instance, … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz opinion on Low Back Pain

Dr. Oz has some great things to say about chiropractic and low back pain.  Quick link.  Dr. Oz Shows Reason for Back Pain and Chiropractic Treatment | newsFuzion.

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If You Have a Headache, You Have to Read This

Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches.  Some have them occassionally, some are frequent – even occurring daily.  Headaches are debilitating.  They can cause a loss of concentration, throbbing, pounding, nausea, moodiness, inability to work, and a diminishment in … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Soy

Soy products are becoming more common everyday.  Their popularity is mostly due to their properties as a low fat protein and also some evidence of a decrease in some cancers with a diet rich in soy.  Soy is found in … Continue reading

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The Magic of Cranial Adjusting

For years, I have taught about the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and nerve system.  Having proper communication between the brain (the master computer) and the body is essential to health and well being.  What would life be like … Continue reading

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