The Magic of Cranial Adjusting

For years, I have taught about the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and nerve system.  Having proper communication between the brain (the master computer) and the body is essential to health and well being.  What would life be like without a healthy spine and nerve system?  Our best example sadly, is the tragic case of Christopher Reeve.  After falling from his horse in 1995, the former Superman, was suddenly crippled from the neck down.  His spinal cord had been severed and his skull was no longer attached to his spine.  He was kept alive by medical intervention but would never move a significant muscle again.  Nine years after his accident, he died from complications of an infection.

When we are subluxated (spinal misalignment with nerve interference), we are like Christopher Reeve, only our function is at a different level.  While Mr. Reeve’s nerve interference (and corresponding dysfunction) was blatant and obvious, subluxation is subtle and mostly goes unnoticed.  It causes you spine to grow wrong (arthritis) and the corresponding neurological damage builds with time.

For over 110 years, chiropractors have been experts at removing subluxation and helping minimize the corresponding damage that occurs with time.  Recently, through studying an intense 48 hour course, I have added cranial adjustments to further the healing to the nerve system.  Cranial adjusting removes subluxation that occurs with the bones of the skull – this helps the cerebro-spinal fluid to circulate freely which then helps the brain (master computer) to send healthy signals to body and increases your health and well being.  In our practice so far, this has helped headaches, neck pain, double vision, tooth pain, shooting pains in the arms and legs, pain in the feet, and low energy levels.  If you suffer from any of these, please give us a call, or click HERE for more help. (360)874-0232.

Dr. Tom

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