How to Keep your Brain from Shrinking


Carolyn Rosenblatt of Forbes magazine posted the following article on maintaining brain matter.  Basically, if you exercise, you get to keep your brain.  If you don’t like exercise, it shrivels as we age, just like dried fruit.  Click on the following link for the full article, How to Keep Your Brain from Shrinking.

It is important to exercise as part of the 3 legged stool of health and wellness that we teach at Holt Chiropractic and Massagein Port Orchard, WA.  Leg #1 – Have a healthy spine and nerve system.  Leg #2 – Have a well balanced, sensibly portioned diet.  Leg #3 – Exercise.  Without any one of the legs, the stool will topple – all three must be a priority for proper health.

As far as the type of exercise:  Pick something you enjoy and stick with it.  If you get bored (as I do) with a particular exercise routine, change it.  Whether it is walking, Pilates, P90X, Crossfit, or swimming doesn’t matter…as long as you are participating in it.  After all, it will preserve your brain!

Until next time,

Dr. Tom

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