When Can Back Pain Be Dangerous?


Poor posture is affecting more and more of us everyday, slowly creeping up on our bodies until we are in moderate to severe pain / discomfort. Even more dangerous is the fact that most symptoms of spinal misalignment start way before the pain surfaces.

Headaches, migraines, jaw pain, allergies – even high blood pressure and acid reflux disease  – are just a few common conditions that are directly associated with a misaligned spine.

Why Would Back Pain Affect My Organs?
Your spine is an information superhighway responsible for transmitting vital nerve energy from the brain to every single organ and limb in our bodies.  The smallest misalignment in the spine – whether caused by poor posture, sports injury, or car accident – can shift the spine out of alignment ever so slightly, putting pressure on the delicate and sensitive nerves that run out of it.

Cutting or diminishing nerve energy – especially on those nerves responsible for our organs’ function – will create dysfunction in our bodies, and eventually lead to disease.

How Can Chiropractic BioPhysics Help?
Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is the most scientific and research-based chiropractic technique, with the aim of aligning the spine back to its normal curvature – all without surgery, pain, or drugs.

After a few short visits, Holt Chiropractic and Massage will be able to realign the spine back to health and alleviate dangerous pressure from the nerves, while restoring normal organ function throughout the body.

People who experience corrective care, feel a sense of rejuvenation, energy, and wellness.

To find out if you qualify for our life transforming care, call Holt Chiropractic and Massage today!

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