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12 Things You can do to Help Your Headaches

Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches.  Some have them occassionally, some are frequent – even occurring daily.  Headaches are debilitating.  They can cause a loss of concentration, throbbing, pounding, nausea, moodiness, inability to work, and a diminishment in … Continue reading

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Can You be Fit and FAT?

Great link on health and wellness. Fit or FAT?

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The Healing Power of Touch

What effect do intent, touch, and thoughts have on healing?  Stories have abounded over the years about terminal cancer patients surviving through the power of prayer.  One well recorded incident of this was Norman Cousins, a journalist, author and professor. … Continue reading

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Ask Dr. Holt…..

Why is this room considered one of the most important spaces in the whole clinic?  And what does it mean for your health?  Let him tell you how you can help your body reach optimal health!

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Try chiropractic with massage

http://articles-mania.co.cc/do-chiropractic-doctors-work-with-massage-therapi… When we added massage therapy combined with chiropractic care it was a miracle for our patients.  Enjoy this article on massage and chiropractic.   And please follow us on our facebook fan page.

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Lap Band Surgery

‎70% of people undergoing lap band surgery experience side effects. 40% of weight loss surgeries account for serious complications including black-outs, malnutrition, infection, kidney stones, bowel and gallbladder problems, liver failure, and, again, an increased risk of death. I have … Continue reading

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